A Hundred Years of Lithuanian Cinema in a Single Huge Exhibition

2009 November 8 d.

The largest ever exhibition dedicated to Lithuanian cinema was opened at the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Film Museum in the capital (Vilniaus Str. 41, in front of the Vilnius Salomėja Nėris Gymnasium). For museum professionals, this is an event not even of a decade but of the entire century since the birth of cinema in .

Museum curators count the hundred years starting with the first film by Vladislovas Starevičius, At the Nemunas River, created in 1909.

Spread through eight halls on the ground floor of the museum, the exhibition features 480 exhibits. They illustrate the development of cinema and introduce the audience to a wide array of cinematographers: from those who worked during the first decades of cinema to those who create now.  

The exhibits include photographs, cameras and prizes won by our cinematographers at different times, the first characters of puppet films, sketches for films, costumes by film artists, posters and a filming location set.

The second layer of the exhibition is the 400 films which their creators have donated to the museum in the DVD format. They will be screened in the museum’s halls throughout the year until the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition was curated by the head of the film department, film critic Živilė Pilipavičienė, with the help of her colleagues Regina Jackūnaitė and Renata Kazlauskienė.

Cinematographers will have a great opportunity to visit this exhibition on the 18th of December when the Lithuanian Cinematography Award for the best film or creative work  of the year will be awarded at the museum.