Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers

Lithuanian cinematographers have established the Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers in attempt to protect and preserve high professional standards of cinematography: the basis of artistic and technical quality of Lithuanian cinema. This association is non-political, a voluntary public organisation. It unites the most capable specialists in this area: those in the beginning of their careers, skilled masters and classics of Lithuanian cinema who agreed to be honorary members of the association. This is the first such organisation of cinema professionals in Lithuania that emerged from the necessity to have an institution protecting and uniting cinematographers.

The goal of the Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers is to encourage professional development of its members and mastering of new film technologies. The purpose is to foster cultural identity, spread the art of cinematographers and protect its prestige in the society.

One of the significant tasks of the association is to protect the artistic, authorship and social rights of its members, to represent those interests in governmental institutions and various organisations. The association seeks to have its representatives in all institutions responsible for the governmental policy of cinema, because a cinematographer is one of the most important professions in cinema.

The association seeks to guarantee that the image of a film, its constitutive part created by a cinematographer, would not be distorted while copying and public screening.

While organising and realising its projects, the Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers co-operates with national and foreign film institutions, organisations and foundations.

The association started its activities with a meaningful event. It organised a premiere of the documentary Together with Light about the legend of world cinema, the famous Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist in the cinema Lietuva. The association is planing more similar events, retrospective of cinematography (a retrospective of the Lithuanian classic cinematographer Algimantas Mockus is scheduled) and creative workshops.

The association also intends to establish a yearly prize for the best cinematographers work and start publications dedicated to cameraman’s profession. Currently, the Dictionary of Technical Cinema Words is under preparation.

The Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers was founded the 9th of September, 2003, and the 9th of November it joined the European Federation of Cinematographers’ Associations (IMAGO).