2012 /

Marina House

53 min.  –  Documentary  –  53 min., color  –  2012 ,   JUST A MOMENT Vita Aktiva
Director : Dali Rust


The main characters of the film are Marina Tarkovskaya, a writer, the daughter of the
poet Arseny Tarkovsky and the sister of the film director Andrey Tarkovsky, and her
husband Aleksandr Gordon, a film director, screenwriter, actor and writer, Andrey
Tarkovsky’s friend and brother-in-law.
This is the story of a special, creative family, a family bound together by complicated
relationships, accompanied by pain, misunderstanding, and sadness. Just like any family.
But these people were finding consolation in the throes of creativity. That was the life of
Arseny the poet and Andrey the director, this is the life of Marina and Aleksandr now.
We will be hosted by the characters in their houses in Tarusa and Moscow. We will visit
the places where Marina lived previously and lives now, where each item is filled with
meaning, tells the story of its owners, their past and present.