2004 /


45 min.  –  Documentary  –  45 min., color, 35mm  –  2004 ,   Studio "Litnek"
Director : Audrius Stonys
Screenplay : Audrius Stonys
Cinematographer : Vladas Naudžius
Sound director : Jonas Maksvytis
Editing director : Gintautas Smilga, Giedrius Paulauskas
Producer : Arūnas Stoškus

The premiere is expected during the Amsterdam film festival IDFA.

This documentary film about the film and theatre director and actor Augustinas Baltrušaitis who fell into complete oblivion due to specific circumstances and his destiny. The man, who worked with Monika Mironaitė and Artiom Inozemcev, created five feature films in Lenfilm, worked with the legendary film director Grigory Kozincev is relegated to ultimate margins of society.

This is a film about the limits of memory, about the effects of the implacably flowing time.

And hope stronger than time.