2005 /

Seven Invisible Men

100 min.  –  Feature film  –  35 mm, color, "Kinema Group" (Lithuania), "Gemini Films" (France), "Mandragoa Filmes" (Portugal), "Roaring Films" (The Netherlands)  –  2005
Director : Šarūnas Bartas
Cinematographer : Šarūnas Bartas
Cast : Dimitri Podnozov, Saakanush Vanyan, Aleksandr Esaulov, Rita Klein, Denis Kirilov, Igor Cygankov, Oleg Četverikov

In the South of the former Soviet Union , The Crimea, we are going to find a group of people estranged from society, each with his reason. Some run from the law, others from themselves. When they escape their conflict with the world will grow even more. Feelings are constantly changing from delight to despire, from hate to love. But their fate is already set and it’s almost  impossible to change it.


Festival awards:

Film premier in Cannes film festival, programme „ Directors' Fortnight“ 2005

„NVS and Baltic states “ film festival “Kinoshok“. Award for the best camera work, prize of Aleksandr Kniazinski, 2005

„NVS and Baltic states“ film festival in Baku, Azarbaijan. Award for contribution to Eurasian cinematography, 2005