2017 /

Three Million Euros

90 min.  –  Feature film  –  90 min., color, DCP  –  2017
Director : Tadas Vidmantas
Cast : Inga Jankauskaitė, Giedrius Savickas

Can money turn someone’s mind when it is, in fact, so small? Julius and Živilė live together, and they have experienced with their own skin that a huge fortune can knock on your door while debt collectors were knocking on it just yesterday.
Three million euros is a lottery winning that will test not only the efficiency of the tax authorities, but also the strength of true Lithuanian love. Will the partners be able to repay debts and not run into new ones? Where the money is, friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Julius will have to sort them out, at the same time not forgetting the woman with whom he’s just been wallowing in poverty, and not in riches. What would you do if you won more euros than there are remaining Lithuanians that have not yet emigrated? Which dreams would you start fulfilling first?


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