2005 /

The Last Town Musicians of Bremen

90 min.  –  Feature film  –   –  2005
Director : Vaidas Lekavičius
Cinematographer : Vytautas Vyšniauskas
Music : Sigitas Mickis
Sound director : Sigitas Mickis
Production designer : Ramunė Skrebūnaitė
Editing director : Vaidas Lekavičius
Producer : Daiva Vaitekūnaitė
Cast : Ilona Balsytė, Dalius Skamarakas, Andrius Kaniava, Aurimas Meliešius, Aidas Giniotis, Darius Auželis

This is a bizarre adult version of the tale by the Brothers Grimm, Town Musicians of Bremen, achingly exhilarating with its popular rock classics. Four men, the prototypes of the musicians of Bremen , Dovydas Petuchauskas (the Rooster – Andrius Kaniava), Olegas Rainis (the Cat – Dalius Skamarakas), Rexas (the Dog – Aidas Giniotis) and Vidas Kanopa (the Donkey – Aurimas Meliešius), form a group hoping to surprise the world with their music. Their road to the Olympus of Glory is full of the vicissitudes of fate, falls and curiosities. Especially when an organiser of obscure events, Leonas Pravalas, Leo (Darius Auželis), becomes the leader of the group. Their life is full of passion, loss and disappointments because they all fall in love with the same muse, a hitchhiker Inga (Ilona Balsytė). Their music is full of romanticism of the ‘flower children’ and nostalgia for the lost time because they are the last Mohicans of the generation of the Town Musicians of Bremen.