2005 /

Lithuania. Beyond and on This Side of Time

Documentary  –  color, Beta CAM  –  2005 ,   VšĮ "Videoidėja"
Director : Justinas Lingys
Screenplay : Aušra Kalinauskienė
Cinematographer : Justinas Lingys
Sound director : Ramūnas Skersys
Editing director : Anatolijus Tetiušinas
Producer : Algirdas Žvinakevičius


In the year 1009, saint Brunon, also called Boniface, archbishop and monk, in the eleventh year of his conversion, was conked at the Russian and Lithuanian border by pagans and went to Heaven together with 18 of his people on the 19th of March.”                                                                                                                        Annals of Quedlinburg 


The name of was mentioned for the first time almost a thousand years ago. What kind of we discover today?

The film travelling through the thousand-year history of Lithuania reveals traces of pagan, medieval and contemporary culture, shows the most important and famous cultural monuments: from the mounds in Kernavė and Liškiava to the manors in Plungė, Rokiškis and Užutrakis; from the castle in Panemunė to the Hill of Crosses; from the old timber architecture, cross making and fishing villages to baroque Vilnius and Pažaislis. The audience will have an opportunity to admire the newly discovered Lithuanian landscape and see the potential of cultural tourism in the country.