2006 /

Jesus from Lithuania

Feature film  –  Eurofilmai/Lietuvos nepriklausomas kinas, 60 min.  –  2006
Director : Karolis Jankus
Screenplay : Karolis Jankus
Cinematographer : Paulius Želvys
Music : Vytautas V. Jurgutis
Production designer : Kristina Buklytė
Producer : Karolis Jankus
Cast : Andrius Paulavičius

The Angel has announced joyful news to Virgin Mary: baby Jesus is born! Yet to everybody’s disappointment, grown-up Jesus was not what everyone expected of him. He was lazy and dead-beat. He used to sit all day long and spend his time at the river or climb the trees. Then the father got angry and punished Jesus. After having taken away his immortality and other privileges, he banished his son to the Earth: to live a simple man’s life and experience earthly hardships. However, Jesus did not understand the order of worldly rules and did not observe restrictions; instead of doing good works, he plunged into the darkest abyss of worldly nature. He tried everything: alcohol, drugs, violence and excessive sex. With obscene pleasure Jesus was deteriorating and mixing with beggars and murderers. There was no end to this falling, but one day the end came… everything ended as it had to end. And no holiness helped to avoid the punishment.