2006 /

Look, this is Vilnius

63 min.  –  Documentary  –  63 min.  –  2006 ,   Ketvirta versija
Director : Petras Savickis
Screenplay : Liudvika Pociūnienė
Editing director : Domantas Vildžiūnas

This is a film about love… love for the city and its inhabitants. The film has been made of photographs of people. The people are either literally there or just have been here, or they will come in a moment; or one can feel the eyes, touches and sighs of a previous generation absorbed into the walls. Only a small portion of photographs and photographers interested in Vilnius as their subject-matter have made it to the film. The filmmakers have tried to select photographs that can still move us today and have passed the trial of time. Beside that, when photographers speak about their own work and work of their colleagues is often a story of adventure, discovery and life unrecorded in textbooks. This is also a story about a way to see life and things that best reveals the spirit of Vilnius .