2008 /

Making Preparations for the Film „Margiris“

45 min.  –  Documentary  –  45 min., color  –  2008
Director : Valdas Misevičius
Screenplay : Šarūnas Bartas, Rimas Bružas
Sound director : Vladimir Golovnitskij
Editing director : Danielius Kokanauskis
Producer : Alma Venckutė

„Making Preparations for the Film „Margiris“ is the insight to the preparations before the shooting of Sarunas Bartas’ historical film “Margiris”. The film explores the history of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, its fights with Teutonic and Livonia orders, ancient Lithuanian lifestyle and manners, features Lithuania’s top medievalists, quotes the XIV century chroniclers referring to Duke Margiris and reveals the annals recounting the Pilenai tragedy.
The camera captures the drafts of reconstructed Pilenai castle, its halls, castings, photo tests, costume and grim design. The filmmakers speak about the themes of “Margiris” and the possible ways of their realization.