2009 /

The Wings of Goodness

Documentary  –  color  –  2009
Director : Žeraldas Povilaitis, Artūras Povilaitis
Cinematographer : Feliksas Abrukauskas

All year long producer Arthur Pavloff and director Gerry Pavloff were filming TV documentary film „The Wings of Goodness“. The film tells about generosity and help for children. The most striking charity example – already 10 years existing first lady’s Alma  Adamkienė’s charity and support fund.

„Every day we run, solve our problems and we don’t notice what is happening around us“- says film director Gerry Pavloff. „Let’s stop and look around, notice that around us there are those who need our help. This is the idea I want to convey the viewers. I want everyone to stop and think over what good they have made or whom they have given a helping hand that day.“

„I knew about Alma Adamkienė‘s fund work. I always admired and wondered how much one or several people can do”- says film producer Arthur Pavloff. “During the filming we visited foster homes and village schools that are supported by this fund. We saw that children need just a little: a little of attention, love and sensitivity. With this film we want to tell you to be sensitive so that you wouldn’t have the heart of stone.” 

In this film the president of Lithuanian Republic Valdas Adamkus, fund founder Alma Adamkienė, Doctor of Social Sciences Vygintas Bubnys, Šiauliai bishop Eugenijus Bartulis, the Deputy Director of Vilnius University Children Hospital Olga Zimanaite and other well-known people share their ideas about goodness and charity.

Film premiere is on 25 December 2009 on Lithuanian National Television Channel.

This is the first documentary film of brothers Arthur and Gerry Pavloff. Last year they presented feature-length comedy “5 day scam”, which was followed by great media and viewers intrest in it.

In the photos – filming episodes with first lady Alma Adamkienė and president of Lithuanian Republic Valdas Adamkus.