2011 /

Čeburekų pardavėjai

26 min.  –  Documentary  –  26 min., color  –  2011
Director : Tomas Bručas
Screenplay : Tomas Bručas
Cinematographer : Andrius Matvejenka
Producer : Tomas Bručas

„Hot čeburekai*, cold beer“ – is probably the best-known slogan of illegal Lithuanian bussines. The slogan comes as a set together with the vacation at the seaside resorts for more than twenty years. But who are those young people selling čeburekai at the seaside? How many of čeburekai one needs to buy to collect a kitten? How many of čeburekai needs to be taken to the policemen at the hotel so that the next time he wouldn’t chase you through the sand dunes? These questions will be answered by three old friends – Čeburekai sellers – Sigis, Asta and Rokas. They will lead us to the secret world of čeburekai sellers, where it’s hard to get and even more difficult to get out.

*Čeburekai – a deep fried fast food snack made of minced meat and dough, well known across ex-Soviet countries.