2012 /

The Age of Czeslaw Milosz

180 min.  –  Documentary  –  180 min.  –  2012 ,   Ketvirta versija
Director : Juozas Javaitis
Screenplay : Pranas Morkus

Logline: A Poet’s life in it's full Glory


"The Age of Czeslaw Milosz" is an exhaustive documentary on the titular poet, a Nobel Prize-winner that experience tremendous trouble and strife during his life. After leaving from the yoke of Nazi oppression, Milosz lived in Paris and the United States. Along the way, Milosz wrote perhaps eir magnum opus, The Captive Mind. This documentary paces itself well, providing viewers with ample information about Milosz’s formative years. The bulk of the feature focuses on Milosz’s years, including first-hand discussions of eir relevancy and overall impact.

"The Age of Czeslaw Milosz" is a documentary that will be germane to anyone that is interested in twentieth-century European poets, but the stories and narratives described here will make this a title that even laypeople can appreciate. The overall effect of The Age of Czeslaw Milosz should be to inspire viewers to take further steps to improve their own lives; Milosz’s life seems to be made of the stuff of the tallest tales. In between forced emigration and educating generations of Americans, Milosz was able to craft some amazing poetry.


Director’s word


We  wanted to show the power of the poet's personality, his feelings, and his tolerant relationship with nations living next door.