Premiere of Giedrė Beinoriūtė's "Conversations on Serious Topics" in North America

"Monoklio" inf.
2014 January 24 d.

The film "Conversations on Serious Topics" by director Giedrė Beinoriūtė takes part in the 15th Scandinavian Film Festival which is held 18-26 January in Los Angeles.

Since 1999, at the Festival held in L.A., Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic films are shown. This year, for the first time in the history of the Scandinavian Film Festival, Baltic countries were invited to participate. Festival organizers launched a special Baltic Film Expo program, in which Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian submissions for "Best Foreign Film" Academy Award will be presented.

"Conversations on Serious Topics" has already been exhibited in industry screenings in Los Angeles, and has received favourable comments and evaluations in the independent film blogs. Now the general audience will be able to evaluate the film.

The documentary film produced by the studio "Monoklis" lets children and adolescents speak, and explores the modern world looking from the child's perspective.