The film by Arūnas Matelis, “Wonderful Losers: A Different World” won the 11th award

"Nominum" inf.
2018 November 20 d.

This weekend, at the closing ceremony of the Kendal Mountain Festival (UK), which was hosted by the well-known Irish comedian Ed Byrne, it was announced that the documentary Wonderful Losers: A Different Worldby Arūnas Matelis has won the Judges Special Prize. This is already the 11th award for this film.

The Kendal Mountain Festival is an event that has been going on in Great Britain for 17 years, expanding to fourteen cities. This year, over 100 films from around the world were screened at the festival. One of the main sponsors of the festival is Channel 4, one of the major British TV channels. This year, the Film Jury of the Festival was chaired by Keme Nzerem, presenter and journalist of Channel 4.

The program, in which Arūnas Matelisfilm took part, was called Lose: Losing is not always about losers. The pain can help us discover new knowledge, experience and respect, such was the description for the selected films.

Director of the film Arūnas Matelis, who was unable to come to the award ceremony, shared a video recording with the festivals visitors, which received great reactions from the representatives of the festival. I couldnt fly to the festival ceremony to take the prize, so I decided to come by bicycle,” – A. Matelis joked about the video.

At the end of the month, the Wonderful losers: A Different Worldwill once again come back to Britain, this time to the London International Film Festival, which qualifies for the BAFTA Awards.