Winners of the National Culture and Art Prize have been announced

LR Kultūros ministerijos inf.
2018 Dicember 6 d.

On Thursday, at the Ministry of Culture, the winners of Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prizes were announced. By the decision of the Commission for National Culture and Art Prizes, six creators were awarded the prize:


writer Vytautas Martinkus for the depth of intellectual literature, conductor Mirga Gražinytė for the power of musical interpretations and for making Lithuania famous, writer Marius Ivaškevičius for the courageous move of literature to the theatre, cinematographer Audrius Kemežys for the art of cinematography uplifted by the talent and light of the spirit, that has paved the paths to the future, actor Darius Meškauskas for the harmony of improvisation and psychological accuracy, visual artist Artūras Raila for the shaping of independent visual culture.