The audiovisual sector is consolidating and setting ambitious goals

Rengėjų inf.
2020 November 12 d.

Vilnius Film Cluster and Multimedia Cluster Nebula, which are among the strongest organizations of Lithuanian creative and cultural industries (CCI), are joining forces to consolidate Lithuanian audiovisual industry, strengthen its representation at the national and international level and help companies within the industry to increase their international competitiveness more effectively. Mission of the new cluster, named Baltic Film & Creative Tech Cluster, is to make the Lithuanian audiovisual sector the strongest in Central and Eastern Europe.

There is a talk already for some time now about the renaissance of Lithuanian film industry – world-famous films and series are being filmed in the country, prestigious international awards are being received, and the supply of national cinema is growing. Other areas of this sector are growing at a similar pace: development of computer games, traditional and 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality, and other multimedia projects. 

The Baltic Film & Creative Tech cluster, which will unite companies creating higher added value products and services, will seek to consolidate the sector, create a system for training specialists required for the industry, improve the investment environment, develop infrastructure and represent industry in Lithuanian public sector and international networks. A very ambitious goal has been set: to achieve the contribution of the audiovisual sector to the country’s GDP of 1% by 2025.

In the nearest future, representatives of both clusters plan intensive consultations with all stakeholders on the form of management of the Baltic Film & Creative Tech cluster, long-term strategy and other issues, and invite industry participants wishing to become members and participate in the cluster formation process to join.

Currently, Vilnius Film Cluster consists of 38 members. Total turnover of cluster members in 2019 exceeded 30 million EUR, of which exports amounted to 12.8 million EUR.

Nebula cluster consists of 20 members. Total turnover of cluster members in 2019 exceeded 5 million EUR, of which exports amounted to 1.5 million EUR.