J. Vaitkus’s Film Utterly Alone Has Reached Canada

LR ambasada Kanadoje
2004 Dicember 7 d.

The European Union Film Festival in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is traditional and is taking place for the 19th time. Its goal is to introduce Canadian cinema lovers to contemporary cinematography of the European Union. As it is yearly, the festival was organised by embassies of European countries residing in Canada and the delegation of European Commission in Canada, in co-operation with Canadian Film Institute and Canadian Library and archives.

The Lithuanian ambassador in Canada, Sigutė Jakštonytė, welcomed the audience that gathered for the viewing of the film Utterly Alone. While presenting the film the ambassador pointed out that the dramatic story of this film was based on real facts and mentioned that it concerned a painful period in Lithuanian history, proud and brave people who cherished their homeland.

After the opening the embassy of Lithuania organised a reception for the representatives of Canadian Government, members of Parliament, foreign diplomats residing in Canada and other guests of the festival.

The European Union Film Festival started in Ottawa (19 November – 6 December) and continued in Vancouver (26 November – 9 December). J. Vaitkus’s film Utterly Alone will be presented the 8th of December.

18th of December the film will be shown to the Lithuanian community in Toronto.