“Countdown” by Audrius Stonys at the International Short and Independent Film Festival Dhaka, Bangladesh

LFC inf.
2005 Dicember 30 d.

 On December 22–30, a film by Audrius Stonys, “Countdown”, will be screened at the 9th International Short and Independent Film Festival Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The international premiere of this film took place in November, 2004, at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival. This is a story of the theatre and film director Augustinas Baltrušaitis. He has spent the best part of his creative life in Leningrad , created popular films (“Collector’s Bag”, etc.), and now he is forgotten and lives in , in an old people’s boarding house. While presenting his film in magazine Kinas, the director wrote: “Utena. A boarding-house. A home of forgotten people. The words ‘to forget’ and ‘to die’ in Lithuanian have the same root. Those who think this way are wrong. Lives of these people are not essentially very different from ours’, only their departure is not accompanied by cries and a brass orchestra.”