Stebuklų laukas ‘The Field of Magic’, documentary film, appears in the programs of two international movie festivals

"Monoklio" inf.
2011 Dicember 6 d.

Stebuklų laukasThe Field of Magic’, the debut film of Mindaugas Survila, has been selected for inclusion in two international movie festivals. In January it participates in the competition program of the International Trieste Film Festival in . Immediately after it will be shown in Helsinki as part of the Doc Point programme at the largest documentary film festival in the Nordic countries.

The documentary poem made at Monoklis Studio tells about people who have been living in Buda Forest , not far from the former Kariotiškės Landfill for garbage, for over 20 years. Movie audiences as well as film critics are favorably inclined about this movie. As one film critic, Sonata Žalneravičiūtė, states, “This is one of the most sincere works of documentary from in recent years, which is distinguished by its inner cleanness and correctness along with the director’s respect for the film’s heroes and ability to see rather than to provoke a situation in the name of dramaturgy.”