Balkonas ‘Balcony’, a film directed by Giedrė Beinoriūtė, appears in the EU culture festival in India

Studijos „Monoklis“ inf.
2011 Dicember 9 d.

The movie Balkonas Balcony’, which was made in 2008 by G. Beinoriūtė, will now be seen by ’s audiences as well. This movie along with others aimed at children and youth from ten other European countries is a participant of the EU Sanskriti Festival 2011 and the EU cultural festival. The organizers and coordinator of the festival are the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in New Delhi, embassies of other EU countries and the EU delegation in .

This movie, made at Monoklis Studio, conveys watchers to the 1980s, during Soviet times. The story revolves around the friendship between 11-year old Emilija and her age mate Rolandas.

Balkonas Balcony’ merited the Silver Crane in 2009 as “Best Short Film”. The awards ceremony was held by Lithuanian Cinema and Television Movies. The Lithuanian Cinema Distributors awarded Balcony the title of Lithuanian Movie of the Year. Meanwhile Pravda 2008 recognized the young actress Elzbieta Degutytė in Balcony as the best newcomer to the cinema. The Silver Cairo prize of the International Film Festival for Children also went to Balcony.