1989 /

Fourable conditions

Animation film  –  1989, 8 min., color, 35 mm,Lietuvos kino studija  –  1989
Director : Antanas Janauskas
Screenplay : Antanas Janauskas, Algimantas Pabijūnas
Cinematographer : Algirdas Šimkus
Animator : Antanas Janauskas
Music : Osvaldas Balakauskas
Sound director : Juozas Tuita
Production designer : Antanas Janauskas

1.Under the Clouds 2.In Closed Space

1.Building a road across the clouds by destroying the sky is meaningful until one realizes that the sky is the earth itself.

2. A man freed from a thick layer of plaster by the help of water drops frees his colleagues too.Excellent! No?! In the plaster it was better?