Lithuanian Filmmakers Union

The Lithuanian Filmmakers Union was founded on 2nd of May, 1931, in Kaunas. Then it was known as the Lithuanian Amateur Cinematographers Union. Its first chairman was the cameraman Stepas Uzdonas. From 1958 the Union operated as a subdivision of the USSR Filmmakers Union. Until 1963 the Union was governed by the Organisational Office (chairman Juozas Baltušis), from 1963, by a Board. Its first secretaries were: Jonas Gricius (1963–1968) and Raimondas Vabalas (1968–1974). The chairmen of the Board were: Jonas Gricius (1981–1988), Skirmantas Valiulis (1988–1991).

On the 29th of May, 1990, the overall meeting of members declared that it was a public organisation – an independent Lithuanian Filmmakers Union uniting all kinds of cinema professionals.

On the 2nd of July, 1992, the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union was registered as a professional-creative union. The highest governing institution was the overall meeting called every four years. A Board of Trustees and Chairman lead the Union between the meetings.

At the moment, the Union has 216 members and four employees. The chairman is the film director Gytis Lukšas. Members have joined ten guilds: directors, cameramen, and documentary film makers, designers, sound, animators, and film critics, employees of cinema, mixed professions and actors.  

The Lithuanian Filmmakers Union supports the creative activities of its members, organises premieres of films, creative nights, supports film press, participation in international film festivals and seminars and protects authorship rights.

The Union is a member of the Confederation of Cinematographers Unions, and European Council of Artists as well as Federation of European Audiovisual Directors (FERA).