2013 /

The Gentle Creature

Feature film  –  color  –  2013
Director : Donatas Vaišnoras

The film script is based on the eponymous short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

 The film attempts to answer the eternal question: "Where does the love go?" Two people meet, and at once everything becomes simple and easy; even more,- it seems that this will go on forever, because... Because it seems so! And it cannot seem differently when you meet Him, whom you have waited for a lifetime! Life turns into a perpetual holiday, where even the failures and difficulties make you happy - after all, this is just another opportunity to embrace the loved one and to console one another... And suddenly, everything changes... you love, and you are loved, but nothing comes by itself anymore, everything becomes difficult and complicated, as if you have come to the edge where the game is over... But it's just the game that is over, not love. However, there is not enough love for the film's heroes, and they start inventing new games, but now their games are no longer so innocent... 

Cast of the film includes Rita Žliobaitė, Donatas Vaišnoras, Ieva Delininkaitytė, Žilvinas Tratas, Indrė Pivoraitė, Jovita Balčiūnaitė, Austėja Lukaitė. Cinematographer of the film - Algirdas Vaičaitis, sound mixer - Vytautas Valionis.