2013 /

Airless Baloon

70 min.  –  Feature film  –  70 min., color  –  2013
Director : Bernardas Andriušis
Screenplay : Bernardas Andriušis
Screenplay : Ana Tsimintia
Cinematographer : Bernardas Andriušis
Editing director : Tomas Miniotas
Producer : Tomas Miniotas
Cast : Adomas Stančikas, Darja Kolodijeva

Jackie, 35 year old instinct driven, rough man, who spends his last days in prison for the crime he hasn’t done, is disturbed by strong feelings of a lonely young woman Kira, who delivers drugs in prison. Jackie is free and ready to find the life he had before, while Kira tries to escape her old space involving Jackie to her future, both committed to fail with their dreams. Disappointment brought by separation with his wife and daughter, brings Jackie to pointless pilgrimage, meeting old friends and family members with whom he does no longer connect, drinking, taking a road with a woman to whom he shows forced interest only. Nothing much changes in the confused trip of the character, until he finds tiny, but still a human touch with a total stranger.