2014 /

The hum of solitude

34 min.  –  Documentary  –  34 min., color  –  2014 ,   Studija 2
Director : Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė
Cinematographer : Audrius Kemežys
Music : Titas Petrikis
Producer : Arūnas Stoškus

Creators of the film delve into the writer Jolita Skablauskaitė's being and her thoughts while writing the new novel "Witches". This is the eleventh book by the writer. Reader becomes fascinated by the puzzling world created in Jolita's novels, which is light-years away from our ordinary everyday life and realities.

Who is this creator of such strange world, and where does such fantasy come from, and such forcefulness? The author herself says that reality is oppressive, grim, pitiful, meaningless, - one needs to rise above reality. At first sight, Jolita amazes with her indifference to the daily life, morbid sensitivity to even a whiff of wind; she is not tall, she's a fragile, ageless woman. But when we get to know her better, we will be compelled to accept that Jolita is a very strong, young traveller who crosses limitless distances in time and space, and her homestead is full of people and other beings created by the artist. And then... we will believe in the liberating power of creation.