1998 /


10 min.  –  Documentary  –  10 min., color, 35mm  –  1998
Director : Audrius Stonys
Cinematographer : Vladas Naudžius
Sound director : Viktoras Juzonis
Editing director : Vanda Survilienė

Time and space have a different meaning here. People go naked, just like they were born, lacking any insignia of rank, position or importance in society. They observe strange rituals, voluntarily subjecting themselves to torture, and trying to wash off the dust of their lives.

Audrius Stonys about the movie:

 - While shooting “Flying over blue field” we lived in Birštonas sanatorium hotel. I was watching treatment procedures. People were plunging into bubble, mud and mineral water baths. They were going circles singing, were standing under cold water spouts. All this seemed like a sacred ritual, that frees from scurf of life. They were naked, like just born, without any signs of standing in society. Movie – silent impression about tired people "harbour".