2004 /

Life is very, very, very...

Animation film  –  LKS  –  2004
Director : Henrikas Vaigauskas
Screenplay : Henrikas Vaigauskas
Animator : Henrikas Vaigauskas, Vitalijus Suchockis, Šarūnas Jakštas
Music : Kipras Mašanauskas
Sound director : Kipras Mašanauskas
Production designer : Albinas Šimanauskas
Editing director : Šarūnas Jakštas
Producer : Šarūnas Jakštas

A lonely asteroid is wandering in the endless space of universe. It is relentlessly approaching the Earth. Astronomers panic.

On Earth a beautiful morning is dawning. People wake up; everybody is getting ready for the new day: farmers, bankers, intelligentsia and tramps. The performance of the new day starts; actors are also viewers. And who are the critics, who will supervise and correct the chaos? Perhaps the one who is observing everything from above and sometimes sends us warning messages, only we treat them as coincidences and do not pay attention?

The merry-go-round of the day is turning faster. New characters are drawn into this whirl. Everything is turning, boiling, waking, banging, running, and hurrying… Finally everything calms down, silence. Night. Peace.

This time the asteroid has passed the Earth by; did not touch it. The astronomer backs off the telescope, sighs with relief and takes some drops. He looks at the telescope again. And is deprived of speech. A new asteroid is visible in the Space. Its destination – Earth.