2016 /


95 min.  –  Feature film  –  95 min., color, DCP  –  2016
Director : Alvydas Šlepikas
Cast : Arūnas Sakalauskas, Ramūnas Cicėnas, Giedrius Savickas, Miglė Polikevičiūtė, Rimantė Valiukaitė

Every true Lithuanian can eat a kilogram of amber without a single frown, score the basketball from beyond the three-point line, but the family... unfortunately they cannot choose a family. That’s why family stories of all statistical Lithuanians are so amusing.

The plot of the film “Patriots” revolves around the family of Napoleonas Šereika (played by Ramūnas Cicėnas) who calls himself the true patriot of Lithuania. And it is truly unique: his wife is Russian, his son is a volunteer soldier, his daughter is an emigrant, and his son-in-law is British. What does bind them together then? You will not believe it, but they all are “patriots” to the very roots of their being.

In this colourful family, an event of the year is taking place – Napoleonas’ son Karolis (played by Marius Čižauskas) is solemnly sent off to join the National Defence Volunteer Forces. The whole family and family friends are preparing for such a special occasion. Lyuba (played by Rimantė Valiukaitė), who is conducting a boys’ choir, is preparing for her son a concert of her own songs. His sister Liucija (played by Miglė Polikevičiūtė), who finds it difficult to say a sentence without any Anglicisms, returns from London. More than that, she brings a surprise to her father and mother – Napoleon and Lyuba – a British vegan, Mark Bumbul (played by Giedrius Savickas), who is looking for his roots in Lithuania. The latter, wishing to please his future parents-in-law, not only admits to being a patriot of the patriots, but also has a bite of Cepelinai with meat. Napoleon’s partner, Director of the Department, Petras Velička, is also invited to take part in the Karolis’ seeing-off party. But he has entirely different intentions.