2003 /

Knights of the Golden City

5 min.  –  Animation film  –  5 min., color, Beta CAM  –  2003
Director : Nijolė Valadkevičiūtė
Screenplay : Eligija Volodkevičiūtė
Cinematographer : Alfonsas Triškus
Animator : Nijolė Valadkevičiūtė
Music : Seržas Grėjus
Editing director : Vytautas Jokubonis
Producer : Robertas Urbonas

There is no city, no golden towers nor golden bells. There are no golden leaves falling in every city every autumn.  People have destroyed the golden city... They destroyed it and started building a simple stone one. Nineteen knights of the golden city appeared in one of the backstreets when the fog covering the city split and started raising the vanished golden city.