2017 /


122 min.  –  Feature film  –  122 min., color, DCP  –  2017 ,   FRALITA FILMS "Ulvyds"
Director : Donatas Ulvydas
Screenplay : Jonas Banys
Cinematographer : Rytis Kurkulis
Music : Jonas Jurkūnas
Producer : Donatas Ulvydas
Cast : Remigijus Vilkaitis, Česlovas Stonys, Severija Janušauskaitė, Tauras Čižas, Ieva Andrejevaitė, Darius Gumauskas

This is a suspenseful drama about the struggle for freedom in Soviet-repressed Lithuania – in the society where a more comfortable life seems more valuable than honour, clear conscience or humanity. In the spring of 1972, when young people marched onto the streets of Kaunas demanding freedom for Lithuania, the protagonist of the intriguing drama, future actress Emilija, joins the protesting crowd to meet the dreamed life. But everything takes an unexpected turn. She, who has brought to Kaunas probably the biggest secret of her life, has to fight not only for her own fate, but for that of her friends as well. And life here is far from what she had dreamed of. She is not sure if the lies, betrayals and the love that has struck her like lightning, will help her keep not just her secret but also her life. But she is prepared to take on anything for the sake of what she believes in. (Forum Cinemas info)


National Premiere – 15 February 2017 in Kaunas, 16 February in Vilnius.