2017 /


91 min.  –  Feature film  –  91 min., color, DCP  –  2017 ,   In Script
Director : Eglė Vertelytė
Screenplay : Eglė Vertelytė
Cinematographer : Emil Christov
Music : Krzysztof A. Janczak
Production designer : Ramūnas Rastauskas
Editing director : Milenia Fiedler
Producer : Lukas Trimonis
Cast : Eglė Mikulionytė, Andrius Bialobžeskis, Joana Čižauskaitė, Gabija Jaraminaitė, Valerijus Jevsejevas, Valentinas Krulikovskis, Vyto Ruginis, Daniel Olbrychski

A couple of years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Lithuania is plunged into deep economic crisis – there is no work, the banks go bankrupt, inflation is high. Irena, the manageress of a local pig farm, struggles to keep the pig farm and her workers afloat until a charming American man arrives to the village. He promises to save the pig farm and the village from bankruptcy. But are his intentions really all good? Will Irena find out the truth before making a fatal mistake?