2004 /

Now and for Ever

Documentary  –  color  –  2004 ,   Studija „A Propos“

“While making this documentary film, I wanted to find out what is, perhaps, impossible to find out: what awaits us after our death. I wanted to open the curtain to the beyond: I was asking people who had experienced clinical death what they remembered; I recorded many people who perceived or thought about the subtle world of eternity,” says the author of the film.

People who have woken from a coma, midwife Sveta Smertyeva, Nomeda Abromaitienė and Neringa Lašienė, share their transcendental experiences. Clairvoyants tell about their subtle perceptions of the world of souls: Anelė Matijošaitienė, Povilas Čėkas, artist Virginijus Kašinskas, mountaineer Vladas Vitkauskas and filmmaker Jonas Mekas.