2006 /


Documentary  –   –  2006 ,   Studija 2
Director : Romas Lileikis
Cinematographer : Viktoras Radzevičius
Sound director : Jonas Maksvytis
Editing director : Jonas Maksvytis
Producer : Kęstutis Petrulis

The painful, dramatic years of changes. In Uzupis, a small nook of Vilnius , the name of which is already well known in the world. "The last bastion of Romanticism" - the pictorial place favoured by poets, artists, and photographs, "Montmartre of Vilnius" is becoming the outpost of aggressive pragmatism - in the eyes of indigene Sasha, and Laurynas, an Uzupis "Gavroche". The object of the film is a fragile and retreating world, still fluttering in the open palm of the banner of the Užupis Republic . In the centre of the film – the theme of home. The arising and falling down home, in which I am. .