2005 /

The Drowned World

52 min.  –  Documentary  –  52 min., color, Beta CAM  –  2005 ,   LRT
Director : Justinas Lingys
Screenplay : Inga Berulienė
Cinematographer : Mindaugas Cicėnas
Sound director : Ramojus Skirsgilas

...That morning, when we went to search for the drowned cargo steamboat Neringa, the sea was quiet; an East wind was blowing. Water temperature was only four degrees above zero; it was cold, but clear enough. The wintry, but unsettled, sea made us wait patiently for that day, but even when we sailed we could only guess about the outcome of the planned expedition. The circumstances of this shipwreck had been described in papers in 1938, and it had been noted that the accident was mysterious.    

It is known that the boat Neringa shipwrecked between Smiltynė and Juodkrantė. Then the marine career of the captain of Neringa, for whom it was the first time, ended, and another captain who saved the crew was awarded a medal.