2005 /

Kristina in Christ

26 min.  –  Film in progess , Documentary  –   –  2005
Director : Inesa Kurklietytė
Screenplay : Zita Čepaitė, Dalia Gudavičiūtė
Cinematographer : Andrius Brokas

The film Kristina in Christ  tells about Kristina who has graduated from Oxford in theology in order to become a priestess and serve the church. Together with her colleagues she has re-established the Evangelical Lutherans parish in Vilnius , organised the community and is fostering it. But Kristina can be only the priest’s assistant. She has no right to administer sacraments because she is a woman. The parishioners have addressed the Consistory of the church and the bishopric asking to consecrate Kristina as priestess several times, but the answer has been negative.

Ten years after Kristina’s studies the situation has not changed: the legalised service of women still remains a taboo. However, Kristina remains the spiritual leader of the community, supports others and encourages them not to abdicate their vocation.