2005 /

The Horizons or Life at Louvres

27 min.  –  Documentary  –  27 min., color, 35mm  –  2005 ,   Studija 2
Director : Kornelijus Matuzevičius
Director : Diana Matuzevičienė
Sound director : Viktoras Juzonis
Producer : Kęstutis Petrulis

Life challenges us of a sudden. In such moments you cannot pretend that nothing happens or that you are not ready yet. Life doesn’t turn back. It seems that today many of us became victims of fear. We’ve got freedom and freeze of consternation – what to do now? Some were crushed, some were uplifted. The film’s character’s motto is that work protects from all kind of distress and vacuity. He devotes himself to work with fanaticism and faith that this is the only right way for him and his family. All that he earns he invests into the land. His holdings are spread wide by hills and forests. Such persons, fanatics of their ideas, are salt of every society.