2005 /

All Thoughts Come from One Head

30 min.  –  Documentary  –  30 min.  –  2005 ,   Algirdas Tarvydas studio
Director : Algirdas Tarvydas
Cinematographer : Algirdas Tarvydas
Sound director : Viktoras Juzonis
Editing director : Vida Misiūnienė
Producer : Birutė Meržvinskienė

The hero of the film is the film director and cinematographer Petras Abukevičius. He has filmed the wildlife in forests, steppes and tundra. Abukevičius used to say that wolves, like all animals, trees, fish and birds (and, perhaps, even things), feel our thoughts and know who comes with a gun and who, with a camera; who comes with hate and who comes with love. Such an understanding of nature is the main idea of the film.