2008 /


Short film  –   –  2008 ,   Studija 2
Director : Laimantas Kairys
Cinematographer : Audrius Kemežys
Sound director : Artūras Pugačiauskas
Producer : Kęstutis Petrulis
Cast : Dainius Kazlauskas, Jonas Vaitkus

“Perlas” is a short cinema story about old man Perlas Timberas, who is craving for love of his own son.

One night Perlas’ son leaves the promotional disc of the company that offers mortify services for old and neglected people. Perlas understands this as literal hint, gets very upset and asks his son to sign the mortify contract. The son is expecting huge devise and takes his father to the company’s reception.

 Perlas, disappointed with his son, starts to wait for death. But unexpectedly Gerhard, his son, takes his father back. Perlas cries out of joy and love he imagines his son feels for him. So life goes on until one day Perlas discovers the papers on Gerhard’s table. The contract with one Christian organization he finds, obligates to pay a huge amount of money for Perlas’ aliment for the rest of his life. Perlas dies from heart attack realizing that his son’s love for him was fake.