1995 /

Behind the Threshold

27 min.  –  Documentary  –  27 min., black and white, 35mm  –  1995 ,   Lietuvos kino studija
Director : Kornelijus Matuzevičius
Director : Diana Matuzevičienė
Screenplay : Kornelijus Matuzevičius
Screenplay : Diana Matuzevičienė
Cinematographer : Kornelijus Matuzevičius
Music : Faustas Latėnas
Sound director : Viktoras Juzonis
Editing director : Danutė Bartkuvienė

A small village in Lithuania. An exceptionally beautiful horse. Damutè Saizauskienè rings the church bells. She has learned to understand the language of the bells. Her home, the church and her horse are the focal points of her simple life, though her thoughts wander to dreams of what might have been had fate been kinder. Siberia is far away and a long time ago...