2003 /

My Sarachka

40 min.  –  Short film  –  40 min., color, DV CAM  –  2003 ,   VšĮ „Ars vivendi“

This is a film about dehumanization and about the situation, when a woman can be ruined by a lack of faith – in herself, her family, him and them. A woman stabs her husband with a kitchen knife because he does not obey her command: “Stop gobbling up, I am telling you!”. When he is killed she finally comes to her senses and evaluates her situation – she was going towards it day after day, perhaps, unconsciously. However painful it is, nothing can be changed now. Two following days after the killing are completely different from any other day that the woman has lived before. She wakes up beaten-up in a rubbish dump, to be more precise, in a plastic bag; she looses her children, does not dare to say good bye to her dead husband; she would like to vanish, but she is too weak to kill herself. Depressed by unbearable loneliness she digs up the grave her husband is buried. She embraces and cuddles his body; she whispers: “Now everything will be fine, now everything will be fine.”

2003 International Film Festival „Vilniaus pavasaris” (“Vilnius Spring 2003”) in Vilnius, Lithuania.
2003 Film  Festival of CIS and Baltic Countries “Kinoshok” in Anapa, Russia.
2003 East European Film Festival in Barselona, Spain.