2008 /

Four steps

42 min.  –  Documentary  –  42 min., color  –  2008 ,   Studija 2
Director : Audrius Stonys
Cinematographer : Audrius Kemežys
Sound director : Viktoras Juzonis
Editing director : Viktoras Pročkys
Producer : Kęstutis Petrulis, Arūnas Stoškus

The film is about the metamorphosis of wedding traditions. What happened to the old wedding ways and customs that were market by joy, mystery and sadness? In the Baltic mythology, weddings were associated with death and rebirth. They were full of various laments, songs and rituals. Can we still see the reflection of these traditions in the modern, commercialized weddings? Do we have to look for them? What have we lost and what have we discovered?