2008 /

100 days to Olympics

15 min.  –  Documentary  –  15 min.  –  2008
Director : Tomas Bručas
Cinematographer : Andrius Ūkas Matvejenka
Producer : Robertas Žudys, Darija Šerlat

In April this year, a film crew from Lithuania visited Georgia, a country which is far from Lithuania but also very close to it. In Georgia, we did some shots for our film. On our return to Lithuania, we pursued our interest in Georgia, met Georgian community in Lithuania.
The date of 08 / 08 / 2008, which is thought to carry symbolic weight, brought the news that shocked the world: the ancient concept of the Olympic Truce was brutally violated, the war was waged against Georgia.
At that particular moment, we decided to show the life of this republic which a hundred days prior to the Beijing Olympics had been surrounded by the daily tranquillity, and the presentiment of tragic events was lying deep beneath the course of the everyday life. The main aim of the film “100 Days Prior to the Olympics” is to show the stream of life taking its own course across the land of Georgia, and also to reflect a little segment of culture that exists in the complex environment in the Caucasus. The film does not contain politics or a political comment, rather it is a reflection of the pre-war life in Georgia.