2012 /


99 min.  –  Feature film  –  99 min., color  –  2012 ,   Ketvirta versija
Director : Dovilė Gasiūnaitė
Cinematographer : Audrius Kemežys
Music : Giedrius Puskunigis, Artūras Anusauskas
Cast : Amvrosios Vlachopoulos



Narcissus (from Greek Narkissos) shares the root nark- with narcosis and narcotic. All these words have the same origin in the verb narkaō – to intoxicate through a strong smell.

In the modern interpretation of the antique myth Teodore is a handsome and multiply gifted string quartet cello player, who knows his own value. He draws people in, but ends up hurting them, yet he is impossible to resist.

Teodore abandons his family, career, and friends in his quest for a true challenge. He has yet to find out that his greatest confrontation will be with himself.


Director’s statement


This is a film about us.

The film "Narcissus" is based on the myth from the Ancient Greece.  The story of the old myth is brought to today, and actualizes the problem of contemporary Narcissus.  It also defines the ancient culture as a joint inheritance of Europe.  This film fully represents the current European identity.

I was particularly interested to find out why a handsome and overall fortunate man says he never feels happy.