2009 /

A Jar of Jam

72 min.  –  Feature film  –  72 min., color  –  2009
Director : Ramunė Čekuolytė
Screenplay : Ramunė Čekuolytė
Cinematographer : Jaroslavas Gavrinas
Sound director : Olga Bulygo
Production designer : Vaidotas Čaika
Editing director : Ramunė Čekuolytė
Cast : Edita Užaitė, Romualdas Ramanauskas, Dalius Skamarakas, Petras Lisauskas, Rokas Gluskinas, Inga Šalkauskaitė, Rasa Marazaitė, Gabrielė Malinauskaitė, Vitalijus Purlys

Two charming women love the same man and create a family with him, but one of them still remains a lover, and the man cannot decide what is more important to him and which family is the true one. 

“My story is a life situation that happens very frequently. I have heard many stories about betrayed wives and doubting middle-aged men who have lost their confidence and fallen in love hopelessly with young lovers. Children are the ones who suffer most in such situations. I don’t like this. Thus, I wanted to show this story from inside, so that the viewer could judge or justify the characters,” director Ramunė Čekuolytė-Che says.

“Love should be present in every moment <...>. If you lose work and health, love can still inspire you <...>. This is as important as waking up in the morning”. These are quotations from Čekuolytė’s film whose plot line is interrupted by ingenious inserts introducing us to another episode of the film and performing the function of an epigraph before a new exposition. What is love? Can we forgive betrayal if we truly love? Can love simply end? Perhaps, A Jar of Jam will help to answer these questions.