Inesa Kurklietytė's film "A Butterfly's Heart" has won two awards at the film festival in Lyon

Rengėjų inf.
2022 February 10 d.

Director Inesa Kurklietytė's film "A Butterfly's Heart" returns from France with two awards: at the Lyon International Film Festival, the film was awarded the prize of the honorary member of the festival, actor Pascal Duquenne, and the social organization MASFIP cash prize. 

The international festival in Lyon shows films that talk about people with disabilities. The festival, which is running for the fifth year, aims to reduce the social exclusion of people with disabilities with the help of film art. 

 "The film ‘A Butterfly's Heart’ has an important social mission – to help accept those who look differently and behave differently, to encourage young people to value friends not by their appearance, to cherish true friendship and true human connection. So I am very happy that the film was noticed and appreciated at this festival in Lyon. Now we just have to wait for the most important premiere of the film – in Lithuania in April", says the director of the film Inesa Kurklietytė.  Together with the film's producer Živilė Gallego, she presented “A Butterfly's Heart” to the French audience and accepted the awards at the closing ceremony of the festival in Lyon. 

"A Butterfly's Heart" has been successful at international festivals and has already won the European Children's Film Association (ECFA) Best Film title at the Filem'ON festival in Belgium and has been selected among the 13 best European films for children. The film has already been screened at the Schlingel, Münster and Schwäbisch Gmünd festivals in Germany, Cinekid in the Netherlands, and the Oulu festival in Finland. In Lithuania, the film will be released in theatres on 8 April. 

The special boy Juozapas is played by Elijas Malinauskas; his friend, the brave girl Rugilė – by Vilnė Konstancija Abukevičiūtė; the mischievous Benas – by Mindaugas Balabonas. The film also stars actors Eglė Jackaitė, Lukas Petrauskas, Gabrielia Kuodytė, Toma Vaškevičiūtė, Marius Repšys, Gabija Jaraminaitė, Julius Žalakevičius, Sonata Visockaitė, Violeta Mičiulienė and others. The film was shot by the cinematographer Viktoras Radzevičius. Screenplay by Modesta Jurgaitytė and Inesa Kurklietytė. 

The film was made by the production company "Fralita Films"; distribution of the film in Lithuania is handled by the company "Acme Film". The film was partially funded by the Lithuanian Film Centre, Creative Europe Media Program, and Lithuanian National Radio and Television. The Lithuanian Institute of Culture and the Lithuanian Film Centre helped organize the screening of the film at the festival in Lyon.