Lithuanian documentaries online: DocAllianceFilms inf.
2010 November 23 d.

DocAllianceFilms offers from 22nd to 28th November a selection of Lithuanian documentaries including films by Arunas Matelis, Audrius Stonys and others. Films like "Man-Horse" and "Flight over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence" are available from 22nd to 28th November for FREE streaming at


You are more than welcome to visit the portal and watch the selection.


Selected films:


Flight Over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence by Arunas Matelis , Audrius Stonys /Lithuania, 8 min

a legendary film, which was one the Top 10 at the international exhibition EXPO 2000 in Hanover/Germany as one of the best films demonstrated at the exhibition.


Man-Horse by Audrius Mickevičius /Lithuania, 52 min

a film about an old farmer Jonas and his horse. An intimate story about the existential relationship between human and animal; it is about solitude and the daily effort to survive.


The First farewell to Paradise by Arunas Matelis /Lithuania, 15 min

The film seeks to convey the senselessness and beauty of the daily life.


From Unfinished Tales of Jerusalem by Arunas Matelis /Lithuania, 26 min

film based on a strange old pagan tradition, still preserved in only one village in Semogitia (a part of Lithuania). The tradition goes back to the archaic space of the magic’s of folk theater.


Confession by Oksana Buraja /Lithuania, 34 min

a two-part experimental film that explores the very nature of creativity. The second part – “Confession” – is like an “inside-out” of “Crete Island”, revealing the behind-the-camera reality and the brutal creative process which can sometimes lead to certain constraints.


SunDay. The Gospel According to Lift-Man Albertas by Arunas Matelis /Lithuania, 19 min

Although it consists of only 20 shots, this film is a rich allegory that one can read in different ways. Religious references and allusions to Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot urge themselves upon us, and Matelis's view of reality is just as sad as it is humorous.


Uku Ukai by Audrius Stonys /Lithuania, 30 min

a meditative film poem full of rhyming images about movement, old age and the human body.


Countdown by Audrius Stonys /Lithuania, 45 min