Film director


Born 1979 in Klaipėda .
In 2001 he finished his studies in television and film directing at the
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius . Since 2000 he has been working as a director of programmes and projects for various televisions: “Orbit” (“Orbita”), ZbTV, “Young Ladies TV” (“Panelės TV”), “Honour of Lithuania” (“Lietuvos garbė”), etc.; later he worked for advertisement. In 1998 he started creating short features, documentaries, advertisements.




Skaičiuotė (2001, documentary)
Here becoming There (2002, feature) 
7 Questions to Vytautas Landsbergis (2003, documentary television film)
The Backstage of the Scandal in President’s Office (2004, documentary television film) 
A Promising Couple (2005, film festival-competition AXX, feature) 
A Normal Couple (2005, film festival-competition AXX, feature)

The Four Crossing Lines (2006, film festival-competition AXX, full length, feature)