Kristina Buožytė

Year of birth: 1982-10-09

Work Eksperience: Freelance director in the fields of cinema and multimedia.

2012     Co-othor / director of a feature film “Vanishing Waves”

2007 - 2008          Co-author/director of a feature film „The Collectress“

2006 11                    Director of music video of lithuanian group “Delfinai“

2006 08 – 09            Script supervisor of Lithuanian movie

„The Lake Of Crows“

Director Inesa Kurklietytė.

2006 06 – 08            Writer/conceptor for advertisements, director

Advertisement company  „Media Pro“, Lithuania.

2004 10– 2006 02    Editor in TV production company “Rijeka“

2005 09                     Redactor for reality TV show „The sky“

( Ltihuanian independent television TV3 )

2005 08              Script superviser of lithuanian movie „DIRINGAS“ Director Ignas Miskinis.

(Film and advertisement company „ART BOX“)

2005 06 -07 Lithuanian part director of independant Sweeden –   Lithuanian project „Red cottage“

(30 min. long fiction movie)

Extra activity:       

2006 07  “Summer media studio” (Lithuania). The first prize winner for the best documentary script.

2006 02 – 04 nternship in a movie company “Eleven dreams” (Spain)

2005  The participant (one of 5 diploma movies) and one of organizators of student film festival “CINEMA MINES” in Lithuania.

2005 09  “Summer media studio” (Lithuania). The participant (with diploma movie) and the first prize winner for the best film advertisement company.

2004 08 Independant audiovisual project (Lithuania – Nederlands). The transformation of feature silent film into a short musical movie.

2004 07  Interactive film and game workshop.

The creation, development and realization

of interactive projects.    

(Prague, Check Republic)

2004  05   One of directors in the documentary project “The Portrait of XXI”. Main director Arūnas Matelis.

2004 02 -03    Exchange program with Falkenberg folk school. Documentary film project; Main director Mats Helge.


2003 11  Tranzit Zero – scriptwriting workshop .

The basics of script writing and developing.

(Karosta, Latvia)

2003 06   “Summer media studio”.

The director of short fiction movie „Fatamorgana“.


2003 01     40 min. documentary movie „10 years?“

One of 5 directors – editors.


background:    2005 - 2008     The Master degree on Film and TV Directing

(Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy)

2001- 2005            The bachelor of Film and TV Directing

( Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy)

1989- 2001            Klaipėdos „Versmės“ secondary shool


“The Collectress” 84 min., fiction, HDV, 2007

(co-scriptwriter, director)

“Juozas Meškauskas” 24 min., documentary, DV, 2006

(scriptwriter, director, editor)

“Change the record” 19 min., fiction, DV, 2005

(scriptwriter, director, editor)

“Ward Nr. 23” 15min., fiction, DV, 2004

(script writer, director, editor)

“The Dolbies” 7min., fiction, DV, 2004

(scriptwriter, director, editor)

“The Poem ” 3min., fiction, DV, 2004


“Experiment” 3min., audiovisual project, 2004

(director, editor)

“The Hole” 12min., fiction, DV, 2003

(scriptwriter, director, editor)

“Fatamorgana” 6min., fiction, DV, 2003

(scriptwriter, director)

“Stop!” 5min., fiction, DV, 2003

(scriptwriter, director, editor)